Step into the Light - Thursday AM

Thu 12 Sep - Thu 24 Oct 2019

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All of us have a personal loss inventory: job loss, the empty nest, loss of innocence, death of a loved one, loss of physical objects small or big, life developmental transitions that did not go well, estranged relationships, loss of health, death of pets and many more. And most of us have some level of stored grief over those losses. This stored grief will carry itself into the future where it has the potential to undermine one’s health, happiness, habits, relationships, and the ability for spiritual growth. God desires more for us and wants to help you heal.

This is a 6-week study of the book “Living in the Shadow of Ghosts of Grief” by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. This is for seekers of peace with old losses and stored grief. Find God’s life-affirming message for you to step out of the shadows of grief. Move gently toward hope and healing, finding new potential for happiness and spiritual growth.

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